Monday, March 17, 2003

China Pictorial - Shanghai March 2003

These are my photo observations on our first day in Shanghai which was also our first full day in China.

This is what you'll see on the millions of side streets in Shanghai. Lots of bikes, people walking and poor housing.

It was pretty rainy and grey throughout the days we were in Shanghai. But there are always people everywhere wherever you go.

It's nearly impossible to cross any street so they built this three-way people bridge.

Yes, these tour buses are parked on the sidewalk. There is very little parking space in Shanghai. The city was arranged for public and bicycle transportation, not cars and tour buses.

They dig holes everywhere in Shanghai, day and night.

Corn cobs as fast food!?! It's popular in China. People walk around the streets chomping away on these things. They come with a wax paper wrap.

KFC is everywhere in Shanghai. They came into China in the late 80's and have built a huge business here.

Nate loved the Pizza Hut my sister Ann found for lunch.

Is this happiness?

It wasn't Christmas time when we toured China but the Chinese seemed to want to celebrate it. We saw Santa Claus pictures everywhere.

All text and photos Copyright 2003 James D. Fisher.
All Rights Reserved.


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