Tuesday, June 29, 2004

New Orleans, June 2004 - A pictorial

I love New Orleans. All the good tasting foods, the music that pours out into the street in the French Quarter, the little antique shops. Mary and I took in the eBay conference here last week. Too bad the heat was just too much for this puffy white boy from Cleveland. But I took a few picts early Sunday morning.

Shabby and weather-worn these mailboxes are typical of artifacts seen throughout the French Quarter. (Canon A80)

These gates lead to mysterious little courtyards. We wanted to see one but they were always locked. Notice the mailboxes to the upper right? (Canon A80)

This house can be found at the far end of Bourbon St. It's beyond what you'd call a "quick fixer-upper." (Canon A80)

I wonder if they have these biscuits at Wal-Mart? (Canon A80)

The walls of these buildings are hundreds of years old. Notice all the layers of paint?

A typical French Quarter building with the wonderful second floor porch. This building is far from Bourbon Street so you won't see wild, drunk people jumping up and down.

Many antique and art galleries are found throughout the district.

K-Paul's is a great restaurant. You just can't eat here at 8am.

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