Saturday, July 03, 2004

Burning down the house...

Across the highway from my office they are building a Wal-Mart. It will be built on a bluff that overlooks the Cuyahoga River Valley. Down in the valley you can see the Ohio Canal. It's a state waterway and has a bike trail that runs into a national park. The bluff is one of the last scenic areas to be developed in Cuyahoga County. How Wal-Mart, Dick's, OfficeMax and others got hold of it is a shame.

There used to be a single-family house sitting on the site. It was built about ten years ago. I think the developer originally wanted to build homes. They stripped the house clean and then did a controlled burn on it today. In the next picture you can see the firemen lined up for a picture while the house burns down in the background.

All text and photos Copyright 2004 James D. Fisher.
All rights reserved.
Photos taken using Treo 600 Smartphone


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