Sunday, January 23, 2005

Banks of the Chagrin River and Parking Lots

The sun came out, the moon went down, the snow stopped falling and my camera went-a-clicking. Today's photo safari starts at the the headwaters of the Chagrin River along Geauga Lake Rd. in Bainbridge Township. Once I spotted my quarry, a favorite bridge, I leaped from my car right into a knee-deep snow bank. Mary watched from the car with delight as I sank in the snow and in hopes that I'll fall into the icy river. But I disappointed her again and crept through the bank to get my shots.

Here you can see the new bridge and the stone work from the original bridge. My children and I used to walk down to this bridge from our house and sit on top of the stone wall to watch the river (of course, not in the snow). It's beautiful here in the summer and fall.

This is the drive to an old farm. Covered with snow is a stone fence which leads up the road.

Another shot with a wider lens.

Same road with me just working the camera angles. This is one of the most peaceful and scenic side roads in Bainbridge.

The blue sky really pops on this one as compared to the sky on the bridge. The difference comes from the sun's position. In this case the sun is to the left while in the bridge scene and the first parking lot it is behind me.

Again, nice saturation on the blue sky. It's just cold here.

So now we switch to parking lots. Why not? It's all about winter anyway and isn't it fun to slog a shopping cart through a snowy parking lot!?!

I left the aperture open too much here so it's a bit washed out.

I sure hope you like these lovely parking lot pictures as much as me (sic).

Actually I put these up so my father-in-law, who now lives in Florida, will see them and laugh. Eat your heart out Trevor!

All photos shot with Canon 20D

Copyright © 2005 James D. Fisher
All rights reserved.


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