Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Swampy Things

I normally dislike resorts. They're beautiful but all its beauty is man-made. Saddlebrook may be an exception. Saddlebrook is a beautiful resort. It's peaceful and serene with well thought-out landscaping that includes the former swamps it was built upon.

It's not often you can go golfing with gators. I wonder if they've ever eaten a golf ball thinking it was an egg?

This one ran away from me. Must be shy. The gators come out in the afternoons to sun then they slithered back into the pond at night to sleep.

This beautiful crane stuck around long enough for a picture.

But not for long. Maybe it's my feet? Birds have great ability to smell.

This is the foot bridge. The trees had shed their foliage for the winter. You can see many abandoned bird nests at the tops.

This is the pond under the foot bridge. This was a tough shot because of all the light slicing through. Wrecked havoc on my light meter.

This is where Saddlebrook does a nice job of landscaping between the natural and artificial areas.

All photos shot with Canon 20D

Copyright © 2005 James D. Fisher
All rights reserved.


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