Sunday, January 02, 2005

We like these robots.

There is pretty cool museum in Baltimore called the American Visonary Art Museum. The building is at the end of the Inner Harbor. The artist, Devon Smith, is a kind of quirky fellow who lives in a trailer in the Pennsylvania hills and scavages junkyards for parts for his "robots." the one above is named "Sun".

It's hard not to love these things. Just like family. Everyone likes to pet "Pluto".

Isn't she a pretty hot-looking date? Her name is Saturn. Sorry, but Saturn is married to Sun. All of the robots have lights in them and some of them move around.

Are Devon's robots starring in a movie!?!

Check out these screen-savers offered by 20th Century Fox.

There's a new movie called Robots: Repair for Adventure. The three main characters are Rodney, Fender and Piper. It looks like the animators may have gotten their inspiration from Devon. I hope he's coming to see it.

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