Saturday, January 29, 2005

Weird Alleys - I

It's photo safari time again. I'm in Ybor City with Mike and Jane from the office. They were in the car with cell phones on a conference call (see photo below). To relieve my boredom I spotted an alley next to a restaurant.

Alleys are treasure troves for photographers. You can always find interesting things to shoot in an alley. The older the alley the better.

The name on the vent says Nutone. They make ventilation systems and it looks like they been around a long time. This vent and the wall look like they've had a few paint jobs over the years. It's interesting how man-made artifacts, when neglected, get taken over by nature. It all becomes part of the same ecology.

Nature weathers artifacts away. Then shrubs grow in the most inane places. Nature just incorporates it back into itself.

I'm just guessing how these holes were made. Bullets? Rocks? Baseball bat?

Interesting integration of artifact with street artistry.

All photos shot with Canon 20D

Copyright © 2005 James D. Fisher
All rights reserved.


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