Saturday, March 04, 2006

More of the best from the Southwest

As usual there are more shots to post. Seems like with all the time-saving things we have there would be more time to post. So let's do a little catch-up of the past before I dump new picts on ya. Here's a few more of my favorites from the Southwest. Enjoy!

Here we are in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is a church tower that is a home for birds. How do they take the clanging of bells?

This bird likes the quiet and warmth of this window perch.

Aren't the hills beautiful at sunset in Albuquerque?

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At 8:16 AM, Blogger fritz said...


Are you a museum goer? The last time I was in Cleveland in 1978 performing at the Theatrical Grill, they were just completing the new addition to the museum to house the collection of Chinese jade and artwork. It was the third time I had visited the museum and being a jade freak, I enjoyed it immensely. Would like to know if it is still there.



At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw your question in Wazopia blog about jade collection at CMA. Thought you would be interested in our current renovation, here is link;

Try not to miss Barcelona & Modernity: Picasso, Gaudí, Miró, Dalí

October 15, 2006 - January 7, 2007

BTW, I have an alternative fuel business in the Mickey's building in the East Cleveland photo tour. After 9 years of crime and corruption and $300K invested, I have begun to think about leaving East Cleveland. The fact that a great museum gets $258 Million for a renovation while a community rots 1/2 mile away is an American disgrace. Many of the kids in East Cleveland have never been to the Art Museum (free admission, walking distance). It is not the museum's fault, it is not society's fault, it is not even George Bush's fault. It is the fault of the "parents" and the carpetbaggers that prey on East Cleveland for votes and rent.
On a lighter note, if you make it to Cleveland, I will be happy to buy you lunch at the new museum,Phil


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