Saturday, April 22, 2006

Some outdoor art around downtown Cleveland

There are many wonderful sculptures downtown. Here's a few of them.

The Free stamp. "Sculpture is in form of a rubber office stamp, lying in a horizontal position. The word "FREE" is carved in relief on the rubber face." (OOSI)

"Portrait of Jesse Owens depicted in action at he crossed the finish line of the 400 meter relay in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. In his proper right hand Owens holds the baton. His proper right foot is in the air behind him, while his proper left foot balances on a pyramid shaped base." (OOSI)

Admiral Oliver Hazard Perry. "Stepped base surmounted by standing figure of Oliver Hazard Perry. Proper left hand clutches a sword; his leg is supported by a draped mooring device; proper left arm rests on chest as upper body turns. Two midshipmen stand at the lower level on the base." (OOSI)

Cleveland War Memorial built in 1962 by Marshall Fredericks. OOSI says, "Four granite sculptures surround the fountain circular pool, each representing different geographical civilizations. In the center of the pool is a bronze sphere covered with signs of the zodiac out of the top of which rises a male figure with flames covering his legs and hips. His arms are stretched skyward."

I swear she is holding a submarine. "Commerce" is in front of the Federal Courthouse, Cleveland. According to OOSI, Three figures: seated woman holding a globe; kneeling woman to her right; crouching male figure to the left."

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