Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Getty Museum: A Photo Safari to Los Angeles

During an open afternoon before attending a conference we took a visit to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. This is one of the few museums where its building and gardens competes with its collection. In the case of the Getty, it succeeds its collection! Take a look and enjoy!

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A beautiful terrace greets visitors to the Getty Museum.

A plaza at the Getty Museum with the city of Los Angeles in the background.

Walkway along the hill in front of the Getty Museum.

Not much of an art collection at the Getty but what is there deserves a closer look like "Irises" by Vincent Van Gogh.

Lots of fountains keep the kids happy at the Getty Museum.

This is the ceiling view in the Colonnade at the Getty Museum.

Another incredible interior scene from inside the Getty Museum.

The beautiful gardens match the imposing architecture at the Getty Museum.

There are plenty of walkways in the gardens surrounding the Getty Museum.

Fathers and daughters can roll down the lawns at the Getty Museum.

It's fun to watch the Los Angeles freeways from the Getty.

Or watch the visitors mill about the courtyard.

A view toward Los Angeles from the Getty Museum.

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