Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mark Cuban: A classless loser

Thank goodness Miami won NBA finals (Miami Heat 95 - Dallas Mavericks 92).

A tech guy, Mark Cuban, owns the Mavericks. Cuban sold his company to suckers Yahoo for billions of dollars during the boom. Yahoo overpaid by 90% and will never recoup its investment. Cuban acts like a lottery winner who wants to flaunt his wallet.

Cuban craves attention. He sits behind the bench at the Mavs home games. He acts like a raving fan. He portrays himself as the superstar owner of his super team. His money got him into the NBA but that doesn't mean he belongs. Jerry Johnson was a rebel owner but he never acted like Cuban.

After watching clips of Cuban's foul-mouthed tirade to the officials, the NBA leadership, and the journalists after Game 5 all I can say he is completely classless. To be fined over a million dollars is unbelieveable. Maybe the league could suspend him too like baseball did to George Steinbrenner.

Cuban complains about phantom fouls or fouls not called against his players. Miami's players were hacked pretty good at the end too. Remember the Washington Wizards crying about LeBron's "walk" in Game 5? But what about the three hacking fouls the Wizards hit him with on the way to the basket? This is how the NBA is played. Forget the referees and get over it.

When Dan Gilbert bought the Cleveland Cavaliers I thought here was a personality who would fight for the spotlight with LeBron and the team. He addressed the crowd at the Gund (now the Q) during a timeout and said he would never address the crowd again until the team won a NBA title. His ego is in check.

I hope Cuban gets to ruminate long and hard this off-season about what woulda-shoulda been his (NBA trophy). Maybe he'll start acting like an adult rather than a showboat.

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