Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Interesting Moment at the Art Gallery of Ontario

We made an interesting stop at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto this summer. There was an exhibit of exceptional Henry Moore sculptures. But the walls were covered with several line art drawings of an exotic pole dancer. These were called SwingSpace: Wallworks by Julian Opie. Well, gee whiz, the human body sure looks interesting and I am sure that's what many of the young grade student artists thought when they visited the gallery.

Here's a wide view of the room. My Treo SmartPhone was at hand to snap these shots. The students spread out to start drawing.

Hmmm, this teacher eyes me suspiciously.

A group of young ladies has at it.

While another goes it alone.

This young man appears to be drawing the pole dancer rather than the sculptures.

Who knows what they are drawing.

I'm not trying to make any judgments here. Art is there to provoke and stimulate. It just seems an odd juxtaposition.

In a way the whole scene is a piece of art itself,-- maybe something a Diane Arbus would make better sense of rather than me.

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