Monday, January 01, 2007

More Grand Canyon - Some Family Picts

Here are some "family" shots while at the Canyon. Everyone is here except Mary who never seems to be around when a picture is being taken but there is a shot of her at the Frank Lloyd Wright post. Enjoy!

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Nathan and Jim at the Grand Canyon. It's early morning and sun is starting to come out. At the camera is my daughter Jessica.

Nathan is my "out on the ledge" kid.

See what I mean? There is nothing that Nate doesn't want to climb.

Now I feel better with a railing around him.

Here is from left to right, James, Nathan, Jessica Fisher and our touring car. They nicknamed it the "Canyonero" (from the Simpson's). It was nice. In the background is Red Rock National Park near Sedona.

Local native arts stand selling jewelry made in China.

My son James wants to show the Chinese kids how to throw a snowball. There were plenty of Chinese here. In fact there were probably more Chinese visitors at the Canyon then Americans. Apparently, the Grand Canyon is revered in China as well as Niagra Falls. James is fluent in Mandarin so he had fun chatting with them or listening in to their conversations.

James winds and throws. Wow, this one went over a half mile....down!

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