Monday, April 30, 2007

Cleveland sports is looking and feeling good these days

I'm starting to feel good about Cleveland sports these days. The Indians are in first place. The Yankees are in last place. Our starting pitching is excellent. Our closer has 9 saves, tops in the AL. And one of our starters nearly pitched a shutout Sunday and now has to return to the minors. Too bad for Fausto but it shows the depth of the pitching staff.

The Cavaliers are about to sweep the Wizards. They don't have to face the Pistons in Round 2. That's great (but I think New Jersey will be tough). And who's complaining now about Z and that fat contract he signed? He's having a great playoff with double-doubles every game.

Best of all, the Browns pulled off a terrific draft on Saturday. The game of football is all about blocking and tackling and if you do that better than the other team you usually win. That's why Joe Thomas, OT Wisconsin, was a great choice at #3.

Picking up Brady Quinn at #22 was a stunner. Not only do we get a top-rated pick but we get him at value price. Brady gets no huge contract until he proves himself. Giving up our 2008 #1 pick is not a big deal. If it's in the top 5, you always over-pay and the risk is greater. We got our next year's #1 this year and at the price of a #22 pick. Not bad. Do you really think Charlie Frye is the QB we need?

Maybe it's time for us tortured Cleveland sports fans to forget about the past and hope more for a great future. It may come sooner than we think.

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