Tuesday, May 22, 2007

CASE Tractor, Ravenna, OH

Another relic of farming times past. A very nice restoration job too.

This tractor sits at the Ravenna Historical Museum on Rt. 44 just outside and to the north of the town. Steam power drove this thing. The boiler is probably 200 gallons or more.

These big wheels ain't turning no more but this thing is built like a tank!

Front view on a bright, sunny day in Ohio!

Closeup of the logo. The history of CASE can be found at this Web link and includes this brief history:

About Case Tractors
Jerome Increase Case started his company in Rochester, Wisconsin in 1842. He soon moved to Racine, Wisconsin where he begain to manufacture threshers. In 1853, J.I. Case accepted 3 partners to form J.I. Case & Company. Their Eagle Trademark, "Old Abe", was adopted in 1865 and is patterned after a bald eagle that served in the Civil War as a mascot.

Case built their first steam engine in 1869 which was moved around by horses. By 1876 they had developed their first steam traction engine.

The first Case farm tractor appeared on the scene in 1892.

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