Monday, May 28, 2007

I don't do weddings...

That's right, I don't do weddings! How many times have you heard that? I don't do weddings and the reason is is that they are difficult to photograph. Also you can get into plenty of trouble if you don't do it right or not at all. I give plenty of respect to all those hard-working photographers who pull off a great wedding gig.

Paul and Lia are two of my favorite people on the planet. Here's a few "for-fun-only" wedding pictures.

A very happy couple walking down the aisle after the ceremony.

Now's the time to get sprayed with the rice-thingie. Jacob gets ready to plaster his Dad and step-mom.

It was a Greek wedding and that means lots of dancing. The music was great and everyone was very happy. Paul makes sure he doesn't step on Lia's dress. Wow! Is that money flying around?

Let's try some wedding cake honey! Yummy!

Ooops! A little frosting smeared on the face makes for a happy marriage!

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