Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Falls at Kent

Some things have changed in Kent. They did a nifty reconstruction project and made a very enjoyable park. Gone is the old falls and in is a man-made waterfalls with a walkway. The walkway leads to an observation deck. Also, there is a stone-laden shore next to the river perfect for fishing. Check it out.

This is an overview of the new configuration. The river water level is pretty low on this day but even with high-water, I don't think any drunk, college students are going to dive off the bridge anymore.

This is a great place for fishing. There were several father-son-daughter teams working their lines. Where are the moms?

The waterfalls has a long pool along the top which cascades over the edge to create a gently but sparkly effect. Note the observation deck in the upper right corner.

The Cuyahoga River flows south through Kent and Akron and then makes its reverse journey to Lake Erie.

On the other side of the bridge is the river and rail line that runs through Kent. I don't think there is any economic activity utilizing the railroad in Kent anymore.

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