Sunday, June 03, 2007

Killing the Cleveland sports vampire

As much as I hate to listen to comments about the "long-suffering Cleveland sports fan", it is so true. I am one of them. But now we have an advocate, one who is someone that has lived here and feels the same way we all do. Best of all, unlike most of us, he is someone who can do something about it. That's LeBron James, one of the millions of long-suffering Cleveland sports fans.

Will LeBron drive a spike for all of us though the heart of the life-sucking vampire of Cleveland losses, disappointments, injuries, betrayals, etc? It's so much to ask and so selfish to put this on this young man's shoulders. But not only is he able, he seems so willing.

Can he lead us past the Spurs? I think so but just getting to the finals for the first time in 37 years is wonderful too.

Go LeBron! Go Cavs! Go Cleveland!!!

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