Sunday, July 08, 2007

More roadside junk in Nevada City, Montana

If you are a sometime reader of this blog then you know I am a dedicated portrayer of whatever dilapidated junk I can find along the roadside. If it's broken down and rusty, my car brakes will screech, and backing away I go. If it's creaky and about to collapse, then it must be immortalized by my camera. The loss of unique structures of bygone eras is constant, so if we don't shoot it ,then we will soon lose it! (Case in point...remember windmills? During our trek last month across the fruited plains to the Rocky Mountains we saw no windmills!)

Let's start with a vintage steam shovel. Ain't it a beauty! Just sitting there in a crumbling state.

Here's a wooden passenger train car from the 1930's.

A hoist crane with rail wheels.

Lots of iron and power for this baby.

The hoist must have been used for lifting rail cars onto the tracks.

What do ya know, it was built in Cleveland. Another example of how Cleveland companies helped build the nation with oil, chemicals, iron, steel and machinery.

These passenger cars were made of wood. The trains ran from Chicago to St. Paul.

Another vintage rail car. Where is Cripple Creek? Is there a ferry there?

This one's pretty beat up. Probably hauled .... actually I have no clue (maybe dental floss. It is Montana).

This box car looks nice and crusty.

Watch your step.

Great Northern is the original rail line that crossed the Rockies.

A Great Northern caboose in loose condition.

Front end of wooden passenger car.

Side view of a wooden passenger train car.

Other side. Yeah, I know, the writing is pretty meager here. What do you expect, I am a photographer!?!

Final picture and my favorite. I love the bullet holes in the switching sign.

I have no apologies for the lighting and color on these images. It was a blindingly bright day with no cloud cover and the time was mid-day. Also, 90+ degrees!

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All Rights Reserved.

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At 1:08 PM, Blogger Ken Wedding said...


Your photos are excitingly gorgeous. Thanks.

Florence and Cripple Creek are Colorado mining towns, both high in the Rockies.

The generic rail car was, I think, an ore car.

Ken Wedding
(husband of Nancy Ashmroe)

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Jim Fisher said...

Thanks, Ken. So it the car wasn't used to haul dental floss. Dang!


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