Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Tribe Time" is up and over

In what may be the biggest collapse we've ever witnessed by Cleveland fans, the Tribe goes down like a bunch of gutless chumps. They proved for the second time (remember the 2005 collapse the last week of the season) that when they get to the brink they choke. They just don't want it bad enough.

Boston came to play the last three games. Jake came to play and was fine until Casey's boner in the 7th. This performance is only matched by the Cavaliers in 1988 losing to Chicago Bulls in the first round after beating them six times in the regular season.

Casey, C.C., Hafner, Grady, Victor, Fausto and the rest of the team had their chance to step up and win it but they went into their shells after Beckett dominated them Thursday night.

We have good players, a good team, but we don't have any champions, and that's what wins these games.

Paul Dolan, spend a little more and get us some men!

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