Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Cavaliers 2007-08 Edition - Part 1 - Back to the Q

Taking in the Cavs home opener brought mixed feelings to me. To begin, watching the Cavs tank in four games to the Spurs last year and seeing the Indians collapse like they did made me think that both have hit their peaks and are ready to take a tumble. Also, the Sasha and Andy holdouts are unsettling as well. Sasha is now in the locker room but a month behind in conditioning. Andy is, well, who knows? It just seems like they did a stupid thing and a very selfish thing with their holdouts. It only hurt the team and why would they do that?

My review will start with Part 1 with everyone getting back to the Q and seeing if the magic is still there. Part 2 will give some observations about LeBron James. Part 3 will be about his supporting cast. And, finally Part 4 will be about my feelings regarding the NBA in general.

Lots of my original pictures will abound! Enjoy!


First, some observations before the game started.

Finally! A title banner is unfurled at the Q. No matter how they finished last year the team did a great job getting past Washington, New Jersey and Detroit in the playoffs. The Spurs, well what-ya-a-gonna-do?

Game one of 2007-08. LeBron comes out with his usual game face. The cameras are awaiting him as ESPN prepares to broadcast the game nationally.

Z comes to game sporting a new doo...well it's not much of a doo.

Good old Joe Tait was there to do the play-by-play.

LeBron James Jr. comes ready to cheer on his famous papa.

Even dance crazy Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban is ready for the opener.

Tip-off with 20,000+ screaming, cheering fans. The town is ready too. But what about the players?

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