Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Cavaliers 2007-08 Edition - Part 3 - The Supporting Cast

A quick look at the major supporting cast of players.

I liked what I saw of Devin Brown. He takes the ball to the hole without hesitation. But what are we talking here? 2-4 points per game off the bench? This is not a major pickup for the Cavs.

Z is looking very fit and ready for the season. It should be another 17 points, 8 boards year. The rebound figure is deceptive because at least two of them per game are from tapping the ball after a miss. With Anderson on holdout the Cavs will have problems on the boards in the early part of the season.

Boobie Gibson did well last year especially in the playoffs. But he ain't no Gilbert Arenas. The regular season starting role means he has to put his game into place every night. Can he get the kind of shots that will produce consistent point totals?

Drew Gooden looks to have a monster year because of more confidence and minutes on the floor.

So what is the Cavs coaching staff thinking about these days? The new offense they brought to the team this year looked pathetic opening night.

Or maybe Coach Brown is wondering what to do with Larry Hughes? Sometimes brilliant but more often inconsistent. He may not be running the offense this year but what's his role? The Cavs need to figure this out and soon.

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