Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Three Color Variations on Tiles from the Floor of a Deli

Photography starts in the camera but is brought to life in the digital darkroom. In this case, it's Adobe Lightroom. Here a simple exercise of taking an artifact (tile floor) and working out some color variations. Why? Because we can!

Here is what the floor looks like with normal enhancement.

Next is what is called the "300" look which is desaturation of all but one color.

This variation goes after a "negative" look, in other words reversing the lights and darks similar to a b&w negative (but with color).

Finally, let's freak out the colors a bit by split toning or separating the colors.

The image was made with the Canon Powershot G9, another incredible camera.

Here's the dirt on the exposure:

200 ISO
1/5sec. @ f4.0

Copyright 2007 James D. Fisher
All Rights Reserved.

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