Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Arena Football

My son Nathan and I took in the Cleveland Gladiators vs. Orlando Predators game last night at Quicken Loans Arena. It was my first time watching arena football and being a long-time Cleveland Browns die-hard, I thought this game would be goofy.

Again, leaving the Canon 5D at home, I attempted to capture some of the game using the pocket-size Canon G9. Was it up to the task? Well, sort of. It can't really do sports or action at all so, using what was given me, I got a few frames that help tell the story.

This is what the field looks like. It's only 50 yards long.

After a touchdown you kick-off from the goal line.

Each team plays with eight players on each side except for the usual eleven.

The Gladiators won 69-66. Overall it was fun and exciting.

Exposure setting: ISO 400, f4.5, 1/40

I didn't want to go any higher with the ISO because of the noise problem.

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