Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic Photographers

There are 23,813 credentialed photographers at the Olympics! That's like a small city.

That means at every event there is probably a thousand shooters all shooting the same thing. When Michael Phelps goes to give his mom a hug he is surrounded by a hundred photographers. Is that nuts? Nothing will be exclusive from this event.

If you are a sports shooter and you were not there, what does that mean to your stature? Geesh, it seems anyone could get a pass (maybe I should have tried to get one myself). Does that mean you are exclusive if you went to the Olympics? After reading some of the blog posts by the photographers, it wasn't the best gig for some of them. Overcrowded, government hassles, long waits, envy, rivalries, dogs-and-cats sleeping together--mass hysteria!

Read the PDN RSS post to get some of their stories.

I've done two trips to China and there are plenty of things to shoot on the streets.

See what they are missing!

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