Monday, May 17, 2004

Rockin' at Vandy

My son graduated last week from Vanderbilt University. Mary and I went to the ceremony. It was very hot as you would expect from middle Tennessee in May.

Vandy gives the parents a Big Party the night before the commencement. It's held on the lawn at Peabody College. The featured band was the B-52's, which, amazingly, was one of our favorite bands when Mary and I graduated from Kent State in 1980.

The B-52's played a two-hour set with all our favorite songs,--"Love Shack", "Deadbeat Club", "Topaz" and "Roam". Their finale was "Rock Lobster". At Kent, we would always slink down as low as we could get when lead singer Fred Schneider commanded, "Down! Down! Down!" It was great. The best part was seeing this new generation singing and dancing and screaming to the greatest of all party bands from this past generation. Afterwards, I met up with Fred and thanked him for the show.

Here are some picts:

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