Friday, January 27, 2006

Getting my picts on Routes 60 and 66

I took a lovely ride from Phoenix to Albuquerque on Route 60 and 66. The scenes were incredible. Thanks to Laurel Baldwin for mapping this route for me and to Mike Wise for highlighting where the most scenic areas were. I will add more to the captions later. Enjoy!

The highlight of the ride was Salt River Canyon. (Canon 20D, 14mm, 1/100 sec, f/10, ISO: 200, Polarizer filter)

Arizona high ground.

A wonderful road, Route 60, which took me from Phoenix, Arizona to New Mexico.

Salt River Valley, Arizona. A mini "Grand Canyon" it is.

Canyon bluff. Note the many layers of rock and sediment. This must be a geologists delight!

Blue sky and canyon bluff.

Salt River canyon.

Same shot as above but wider view. The Salt River is looking pretty dry. There hasn't been any rain in the area for months.

Bridge over Salt River.

This is the Salt River from the east bank.

Grazing lands at 7,000 ft high.

Mountain and grazing lands. I think my uncle, Francis Fisher, took a similar picture from the same spot.

Lots of fields as far as the eye can see.

Turn the other way and you see more fields.

More great sky and fields. At this point I haven't seen another car for about half an hour.

They sure don't build them like they used too!

Field and bluff getting close to sunset. Notice how the light is becoming softer and less blue.

Craggy rock with white snow-capped range in background.

This is the picture everyone will like the best 'cause it has a cow.

Triple bluffs? Tri-bluffs? Whatever.

This building has survived but not much else.

Route 66 looking Westward.

One last bluff. Is that enough?

Copyright 2006 James D. Fisher