Monday, March 26, 2007

Grey weathered door

I am working more with conversions to b&w. In the old days....pre-1995....if you wanted to shoot color you loaded E-6 film into the camera. If you wanted black 'n' white you loaded Tri-X. Gosh, that sounds so ancient nowadays!

Today, it is so easy to do both at once. Anything you shoot digital can be converted to b&w using any photo editing software. Even the camera will do it for you. In fact, many cameras will shoot in sepia tone for you if you set it right. The trick is to select the right images to convert. If the colors are important to the pictures then stick with color. But if the composition is right and the textures and imagery are interesting without the need for color, then you may have a great b&w waiting for you.

Here's an example from a wooden door in Key West, FL. Enjoy!

I will post a color version of this next.

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