Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Amish baling

I've always been curious the way the Amish bale their harvest. It's different than the more mechanized farms which make the rolls (I think they look like shredded mini-wheats!). The Amish baler makes a teepee-shaped pile. I spotted some of these bales at nearby Amish farm.

It's easy to spot an Amish farm in the summer by looking at the oat bales. Their farms are noticeably well-maintained and simple.

It takes a team of three powerful horses to sweep across the fields with the baler.

Here the farmer creates bales across his fields. He had to stop a few times to remove stalks that was trapped in the baler.

The baler driven by three horses and the driver whipped through the oat fields pretty steadily and efficiently.

The finished oat bales are ready to be collected and driven over to the barn for the livestock to eat.

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