Sunday, August 19, 2007

Camera Tossing (gulp!) sort of

How did this get started? I read an online article about "camera tossing". It had to do with the package art for Adobe Acrobat. The boxes had these cool, twirly Spiroscope-like images. The story said they were created using a technique called camera tossing.

Flickr has several groups discussing this technique and some of my favorite desktop wallpapers have come from this site.

Take some time and review these sites and check out the images to learn more. I did and after sitting with my Canon 5D and 24-105mm L lens on my lap I said no way is this thing going out of my hands. No camera tossing for me.

But, while taking a hike through South Chagrin Reservation, I had an epiphany (it took awhile) about how to simulate a camera toss while still hanging onto my camera. I use a handstrap instead of a neckstrap on my camera. I could fling the camera loosely in my hand without worrying about letting it loose. My fling pattern could be better controlled and perhaps my results could be more predictable. Here are some results. Enjoy!

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