Saturday, April 26, 2008

We beat the Stankees!

A night at the old ballpark. and it's the Yankees. We had great seats (courtesy of Herbruck Alder) but we were surrounded by smatterings of Yankee fans (yech! Summon the midges!).

Here's my bat-on-ball shot. When shooting baseball the baseball almost always needs to be in the picture. Of course, the ball is going 100 miles per hour! Every now and then you catch it in the right place.

A perfect evening at the Jake, or the Prog, or whatever they call it. The Goodyear Blimp does its floating around thing.

My favorite beer guy. Though I don't drink these guys are institutions. The beer guys now sell both beer and Aquafina. I think that's weird.

The evening coming on and the field is getting lit up just right.

Hey, it's fireworks night! What a great show.

The folks at Wilberts and the Thirsty Parrot watch the sparkly blasts.

Every shot using a Canon G9 including video

Copyright 2008 James D. Fisher
All rights reserved.

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