Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cavaliers vs Clippers: Overtime Victory

Let's get it going. Cory Maggette was outstanding until he fouled out. Soon you realize this ain't your L.A. Clippers team of yore.

Elton Brand was a monster on both ends of the court. Drew Gooden looks for a way to bail out from Brand's smothering defense.

Even LeBron James wasn't sure what to do with the Clippers defense in the first half.

LeBron finally got it going in the second half.

Drew Gooden refills his tank but sat out the second half with an ankle sprain.

Eric Snow and Larry Hughes tries to make a point with the refs. The calls were pretty bad tonight.

At halftime we honored World B. Free who played for the Cavaliers in the mid-eighties. I loved this guy. He nearly single-handedly beat the Celtics in the first round of the '85 playoffs.

Z and LeBron talk it over in the second half.

LeBron tosses a nasty pass.

Now LeBron is ready to take it to the hole.

Now there's no looking back. We win in overtime. Thanks LeBron.

The Cavaliers Dance Team is back to showing more skin.

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