Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pittsburgh 41, Cleveland 0

I'm just tired of it.


At 3:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

Sorry about the Cav's......the Sonic's out here in Seattle.....well......

Hey ! Great record wall as seen in an earlier post of yours! I mean--I can see.....Soft Machine III, Gong, Nektar, Jade Warrior, Manzanera, Syd Barrett and a host of other classics......reminds me of a Fresh Air tape of a show I've got from early 1978 on WKSU Kent....the DJ on the tape is, none other than - Jim Fisher! OK-----with a wall of LP's like that, you've got to be the one and the same Jim Fisher of Fresh Air fame, right?

My cohorts and I are carrying the torch of sorts as a fun past-time by broadcasting live out of the house on every Friday evening, 'Applied Space' is the show; lots of fun---keeps the dust off the vinyl and the cassette's clean!....Fresh Air was an integral part of my schooling as it were... --anyway -- Have you maintained any archives yourself in the music's of yore? Drop a line if you'd like: 206-321-4109

I have my own photography business myself out here in the NW - Your work on the Alamy Images site is very nice - keep up the archiving!


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