Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thanks again LeBron. Conference finals!

"Batman" LeBron took over the fourth quarter in Game 6 and rescued the Cavs from a potential playoff gaffe. Up by 22 points at one point in the second quarter, the Cavs lead was sliced away by Jason Kidd in the third. LeBron returned in the fourth quarter and led four bench players on an amazing charge to finish off the series.

The best part of this series is watching LeBron make his way through the most challenging level of basketball he has ever faced. LeBron has never won a title on a level higher than high school. Winning a local conference championship at St. Vincent's/St. Mary's is nothing like facing the Wizards, Nets and Pistons. Yet he is rising to the challenge like a natural champion.

When the team played a stinker game last Wednesday, Lebron didn't go into an emotional shell like some of his teammates. The fans booed the team Wednesday, yet LeBron took no offense. Instead he took the side of the fans and said it was O.K. That is a make-up of a champion. He took the criticism upon himself and made it better on Friday.

When you get this close to a championship you gotta hope they go all the way. Injuries, off-years, age, etc. can make a great team merely good in a subtle way. You don't know you're regressing. The Nets tried to get past round two for three years. We did it in our second year.

We can beat Detroit. We can beat San Antonio (we did it twice this year). Let's just do it and do it now.

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