Monday, July 07, 2008

Playing with Rocks

I took a quick visit to nearby Nelson Ledges Park to try HDR shooting. With HDR you use a tripod and shoot multiple exposures of the same image using bracketing. I went for two stops under and two stops over. The three exposures are blended together via Adobe PhotoShop. This technique helps you recover from very dark or very bright areas in your image.

The Ledges are beautiful. While shooting I met another photographer who found the Ledges on the Internet. He loves shooting rock formations and had recently shot in Sedona, Arizonia. Those rocks are a beautiful red color. I showed him the little falls and the Devil's Icebox. He was thrilled.

Canon 5D
Lens 16-35mm L
Tripod Manfrotto 190 Carbon Fiber

Copyright © 2008 James D. Fisher
All rights reserved

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At 9:22 PM, Blogger Mike Wise said...

Very very cool.


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