Saturday, November 12, 2005

A day trip to Leeds and Dover

Leeds Castle was built in 12th century. It's in remarkable good shape and was occupied up until 1974. Now it is used for tourism and conferences. Sometimes officials meet here like President Bush and Prime Minister Blair.

Lots of bridges and moats.

Water flows around the castle through these arches.

A door knocker with a lion! They're everywhere.

There are many cozy rooms in this castle. Almost feels like a home.

The doors have these funny little windows or peepholes in them.

Let's take a walk through the gardens.

Here's the rose garden along the pond. Note swans sailing along the water.

Let's try to find our way through the hedge maze. Yikes, this is hard. But we made it (thanks to the guide).

It's on to the White Cliffs of Dover.

It's very windy here along the coast.

Time for tea and scones at the JackDaw Inn. This is where they filmed the Battle of Britain.

Mary and Jessie enjoy the repast and the photographer.

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All rights reserved.


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