Thursday, November 10, 2005

London: Can a city be this wonderful?

London is a city of many wonders to foreign travelers (which is why there are so many). When I meet Londoners, I tell them their city is unique and then I ask if they have ever visited the many museums and attractions here. Most say they never have except as school children. That's an amazing admission especially considering most of the museums here are free!

Here are some more things we experienced. Enjoy!

You never know what will come along while sitting in Hyde Park.

Walking is the best way to see the city.

But to really get places you need to go on the London Underground.

A favorite stop for us.

Efficient, nice and comfy. Amazing to think that this past summer some idiots blew three of these up and then another group tried again two weeks later.

This is the gate to enter St. James' Park near Buckingham Palace. Not too shabby.

There wasn't any guard changing today but we saw a few activities. These guards bop around every once and while and stomp their footies loud.

Out of the blue came this parade of Horses from the Royal Brigade.

Many people hang out all day in front of Buckingham Palace in hopes of seeing a royal or two.

Sometimes they get lucky. Note car is $500k Bentley with reinforced, protective everything.

Queen Victoria sits on her throne and watches over the palace.

Common folk like to feed the pigeons in St. James' park.

Admiral Nelson, loved by all Britons, stands atop his column and watches over the country. He's a George Washington-type figure in England.

This is one of the few picts of St. Paul's. It's so big you can't shoot it right except from above.

There's always a lion lurking around every corner here.

Time to visit the Tower of London to check out the Crown Jewels. Fascinating place with torture rooms, cannons, garrisons, chopping blocks and the most incredible royal crowns in the world.

Lot's of guns here. Another lion poking its head out for fun.

The Tower Bridge spans the Thames River.

Time to head back to the hotel. The traffic never slows down here.

So why not another shot of Big Ben to end this pictorial? You gotta just love it.

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