Sunday, May 06, 2007

O.S.E.K. - Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites (i.e. fun!)


What a perfect Saturday! Blue sky, white clouds, 70 degrees and a bit of wind. That makes for a perfect day for kite flying. There is a kite flying group called O.S.E.K. (see title for meaning...actually it just simply means fun) and they took over the community park in Parkman, OH. for the Parkman Kite Festival.

The park was filled with people, kites and flags. It was very All-Americana, small town, fun.

A couple of kiters prepare their kites for flight.

The flags twirled and swirled all afternoon.

I just had to stick the camera down the tube of this flag.

Soap bubbles were flying through the air.

These boys were trying to catch the "soap" bubbles with their mouths.

There was a O.S.E.K. tent which sells kite kits. These two Amish boys pick out their favorites.

Back to the kites. Here they head for the skies. The wind was a pretty steady 10-15 mph making it so the kites went up with ease.

I loved the flags posted around the park.

The bird flags were cool. Here's a ground's eye view.

Kites reaching up to the clouds. O.S.E.K. has a Web site for event info.

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