Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's Fall Color Time. Yeah!!!

Finally, the leaves are turning color and it looks like it will be a spectacular fall in Northeast Ohio. I've been in a photo drought lately and this is a good time to get the shutters clicking again.

These images were taken at beautiful Holden Arboretum in Lake County. Enjoy!

Ahhh, wet weather, colorful leaves and the LensBaby. The trick with the LensBaby is not to get so focused about the focus (pretty puny aren't I?). It's very tricky to focus anyway. You have only a single plan of focus and if you hit it then you're pretty lucky. If I want sharpness I can use the 50mm but I wouldn't get the unique LensBaby "bokeh" in the background.

The trick is the creation of the overall effect. I love the colors of the main subject but what is even better is the background which wants to jump out and be part of the main subject! Note the light bubbles in the center right of the image. Where did they come from except from a LensBaby?

More LensBaby images below:

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