Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Three Color Variations on Tiles from the Floor of a Deli

Photography starts in the camera but is brought to life in the digital darkroom. In this case, it's Adobe Lightroom. Here a simple exercise of taking an artifact (tile floor) and working out some color variations. Why? Because we can!

Here is what the floor looks like with normal enhancement.

Next is what is called the "300" look which is desaturation of all but one color.

This variation goes after a "negative" look, in other words reversing the lights and darks similar to a b&w negative (but with color).

Finally, let's freak out the colors a bit by split toning or separating the colors.

The image was made with the Canon Powershot G9, another incredible camera.

Here's the dirt on the exposure:

200 ISO
1/5sec. @ f4.0

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All Rights Reserved.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Making Web Galleries using Lightroom

I am trying out the Web Gallery feature on Adobe Lightroom 1.3. I put together two of them. The first is called the Postcard Viewer template and it does an interesting job of shuffling the images like a deck of postcards.

The first one is called August 2007 Picks, a kinda of "best of" batch of images. You've seen most of them if you check out this blog often.

The second is a group of pictures I entered into the Canon National Parks Photo Contest. I haven't heard from them yet and I'm not holding my breath.

By the way, you'll need Flash to run the viewer.


Copyright 2007 James D. Fisher
All Rights Reserved.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Just some weird things - Part 1

Somewhere out there are strange people doing strange things. As this blog is sometimes about chronicling human activity here's a few of them.

This guy is somewhere in Northeast Ohio in Lake County. His house, truck and barn are all covered with these strange harangues.

This image is from Kelly's Island. Yes, it is a man walking his goat.

Spiked heels on foot, purse and bass guitar in hand, this young woman crosses the railroad tracks in Kent, OH.

Copyright 2007 James D. Fisher
All Rights Reserved.

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Just some weird things - Part 2

Some strange things you can see in people's yards.

This Roman-like plaza with pillars is from the backyard of boxing promoter Don King. There's a whole bunch of these things you see from the road in nearby Orwell, OH

I don't get this one at all. Instead of a black face it looks they tried to paint it white but the paint ran off. You know they just need to bury all of these statues. So old-fashioned, so crude, so offensive. Again, somewhere in Northeast Ohio.

A barn in Chautauqua, NY.

Copyright 2007 James D. Fisher
All Rights Reserved.

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Just some weird things - Part 3

These go down as public art I suppose.

This figurine is outside of the Amish Country store in Mesopotamia OH.

Sexy chicken in Key West, FL.

Oh my god, it's the Queen of England also found in Key West, FL

This little guy was hidden away near a pier in Fairport Harbor, OH

Goodfellas bench in Little Italy, Cleveland, OH.

Copyright 2007 James D. Fisher
All Rights Reserved.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Cavaliers 2007-08 Edition - Part 1 - Back to the Q

Taking in the Cavs home opener brought mixed feelings to me. To begin, watching the Cavs tank in four games to the Spurs last year and seeing the Indians collapse like they did made me think that both have hit their peaks and are ready to take a tumble. Also, the Sasha and Andy holdouts are unsettling as well. Sasha is now in the locker room but a month behind in conditioning. Andy is, well, who knows? It just seems like they did a stupid thing and a very selfish thing with their holdouts. It only hurt the team and why would they do that?

My review will start with Part 1 with everyone getting back to the Q and seeing if the magic is still there. Part 2 will give some observations about LeBron James. Part 3 will be about his supporting cast. And, finally Part 4 will be about my feelings regarding the NBA in general.

Lots of my original pictures will abound! Enjoy!


First, some observations before the game started.

Finally! A title banner is unfurled at the Q. No matter how they finished last year the team did a great job getting past Washington, New Jersey and Detroit in the playoffs. The Spurs, well what-ya-a-gonna-do?

Game one of 2007-08. LeBron comes out with his usual game face. The cameras are awaiting him as ESPN prepares to broadcast the game nationally.

Z comes to game sporting a new doo...well it's not much of a doo.

Good old Joe Tait was there to do the play-by-play.

LeBron James Jr. comes ready to cheer on his famous papa.

Even dance crazy Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban is ready for the opener.

Tip-off with 20,000+ screaming, cheering fans. The town is ready too. But what about the players?

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The Cavaliers 2007-08 Edition - Part 2 - LeBron James

The focal point of the Cavaliers is LeBron James. He is their leader and salvation. Everything in the organization revolves around him. Few sports teams have had the same opportunity to build on a player as the Cavaliers. And that means Michael Jordan too. His era, the 80's and 90's, hadn't glimpsed the global nature of today's NBA. With 200 million Chinese kids playing basketball and leagues forming around the globe, Jordan's legend will soon be eclipsed by LeBron, Carmello, Gilbert, Dwayne and other easily packaged stars.

Here's my thoughts on LeBron entering the 2007-08 season:

LeBron James is the most physically and mentally gifted athlete in the NBA. There isn't anything he won't be able to achieve. If we wants to win the scoring title, he can do it. Triple doubles all year? It will happen before his career is over. It will be our pleasure to watch him for years to come (and no, he ain't leaving town. Cleveland/Akron is the perfect situation for him. Did playing for the Cavs inhibit him from being mobbed by fans in China? Did it stop Nike from displaying a tall banner of him in Times Square? New York needs LeBron more than LeBron needs New York).

The quickness and agility are incomparable. Note the footwork. LeBron has already taken the inside against an over-matched opponent. Footwork is the name of the game playing inside. (This is why Danny Ferry never became the dominating player in the NBA like he was in college. He had no footwork skills.)

Here we see the speed and power. Bursting down the lane before anyone can catch up to him LeBron moves like a running back hitting the line. If he can surround himself with a couple of killer catch and shoot guys then it becomes impossible to stop him. Note I say "killer". Damon? Donyell? Boobie? Sasha? Who will it be?

Now for the leaping ability. Here LeBron dodges 7-footer Dirk Nowitski for a hoop. Is it unimaginable that LeBron could bring down 10+ boards a game? It will happen.

Double team? No problem. Try triple teaming. Without any other credible threat LeBron will see plenty of this all season.

Still LeBron isn't getting the calls he should. He is so strong that opponents bounce off of him and the refs more often than not call it the wrong way.

It's more than likely that LeBron will find a way to overcome the challenges facing him this season but his surrounding cast has become more suspect than ever before.

See my next post regarding the rest of the Cavs.

Copyright 2007 James D. Fisher
All Rights Reserved.

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The Cavaliers 2007-08 Edition - Part 3 - The Supporting Cast

A quick look at the major supporting cast of players.

I liked what I saw of Devin Brown. He takes the ball to the hole without hesitation. But what are we talking here? 2-4 points per game off the bench? This is not a major pickup for the Cavs.

Z is looking very fit and ready for the season. It should be another 17 points, 8 boards year. The rebound figure is deceptive because at least two of them per game are from tapping the ball after a miss. With Anderson on holdout the Cavs will have problems on the boards in the early part of the season.

Boobie Gibson did well last year especially in the playoffs. But he ain't no Gilbert Arenas. The regular season starting role means he has to put his game into place every night. Can he get the kind of shots that will produce consistent point totals?

Drew Gooden looks to have a monster year because of more confidence and minutes on the floor.

So what is the Cavs coaching staff thinking about these days? The new offense they brought to the team this year looked pathetic opening night.

Or maybe Coach Brown is wondering what to do with Larry Hughes? Sometimes brilliant but more often inconsistent. He may not be running the offense this year but what's his role? The Cavs need to figure this out and soon.

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